Key Themes and Delivery Strategies

Key Themes:

  • Leaders Leading Change
  • Innovation and Adaptability
  • Developing Individual and Team Capacity for 'Embracing Change'
  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Individual...Team...and Organisational Alignment
  • Developing Mental Toughness

Learning design principles:

All of the content covered will be learner friendly, using accelerated learning techniques to ensure that all delegates are engaged, motivated and have the optimum learning experience. Content will be set within the context of the business challenges highlighted during the pre-event consultation.

Key Elements:

A series of activities and analogies designed to engage, challenge and entertain the group as well as bring to the fore the following questions;

  • What determines exceptional performance when faced with demanding and challenging environments?
  • How do we manage the complexity of driving change whilst at the same time executing on strategic priorities?
  • Why do people do the things they do and how can we/they change to suit the current demands within the business?
  • We’ll include some ‘take away’ tools that each individual can explore during the session and utilise afterwards helping them bridge the gap between 'common sense' and 'common practice'!

Learning objectives:

  • How to access peoples potential by managing their ‘frame of mind’.
  • How to create the energy to perform under pressure and deal effectively with new challenges, obstacles and setbacks.
  • How to challenge and change habitual behaviours and make more ‘useful’ choices, specifically, when under pressure.
  • How to impact the beliefs of others... Clients/Colleagues... by understanding and utilising ‘components of influence’?
  • In my opinions Jim Steele’s presentation was an unqualified success. It re-emphasised and identifies the strengths of peak performance...
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